The site is located in Evia, Greece. The project refers to the design of a single-story residence with 7 master bedrooms and a single living room and kitchen area, which is capable of housing a large-member family.

The residence is placed on the glade that exists in the upper place of the site, following the ground levels to cut off as few as possible olive trees and to ensure the existence of the view towards the horizon.

The main idea is the linear arrangement of the building volumes where, with the interpenetration of the surrounding space in their mass, small courtyards are developed with a protected microclimate. This meandering, but axial rectilinear design is inspired by the shape of a thread and the existence of various knots along it. Each volume resembles a knot, the size of which depends on the number of bindings in the thread.

The connection with the natural terrain is attempted by placing the volumes in different levels of the natural ground. Thus, the building complex is broken down, which if it were single would come into conflict with the natural landscape due to its scale.

White and stone volumes alternate and along with the wood pergolas create a vocabulary of natural materials. Interior and exterior boundaries are disappearing in the leaving room where the threshold slides into the walls.