Sculpting, Simplicity -the catalyst of the form / 2022


The project refers to a two-story country house in North Peloponnese. The residence has an angular layout and is developed in a way that follows the slope of the plot. The result of the design is the creation/formation of protected courtyards and scapes towards the sea. Stone and metal are the main textures that this residence is composed of. These two materials interact harmoniously, giving the residence an industrial aesthetic with references to the traditional olive mills.

The house embraces the water element of the pool which interacts with the existing olive groves. The garden is designed on two levels that have direct communication. The cantilever metal balcony functions as an observatory inspired by similar structures in forts of the Renaissance Peloponnesian Architecture.

The main idea of the design is the communication and harmonization between building and nature, with the element of stone as a catalyst to the design. The architecture proposal is based on the simplicity that Doric Peloponnesian Architecture is characterized. Through the detraction and use of new materials, the residence acquires a modern character. The volumes of the residence are created with leanness and asceticism without decorative elements. The form of the house is subjugated to the beauty and peace of the landscape.