YOGA HALL | 2016


Elements Yoga Hall is a high standard hall dedicated in the teaching and practice of Yoga.
The room is a closed space protected from wind, sun, rain and other nuisances from the environment.
The room design can be adjusted in size according to the existing requirements of the surrounding environment into which it is implemented.
The design offers the potentiality of different variations according to country, local climate and the season of the practice. For example the sideways openings can slide into each other bringing together the interior with the exterior space.
The hall is constructed from natural materials, drawing its inspiration from the 5 elements. Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and Metal.
A special attention has been given to the design of the room in order to avoid a central column. The big span achieves a unity of the interior and a freedom in the use of the space.

Collaborating architects: May Aggelaki, Nagia Kostarelou