“Weaving with Nature” a house in Kostos, Paros, Cyclades


“Weaving with Nature” a house in Kostos, Paros, Cyclades - 3The property is situated in the East part of the island facing Naxos. The plot is a steep olive grove. Earth is retained by dry stone walls which look like threads on the ground looking from above. The concept is to weave with the existing landscape, creating a new reality. A barrier is created by the body of the building in order to create protected courtyards from violent winds, a micro clime. The building is stretching out winding among the olive trees. Its various thresholds correspond to different courtyards. Life is organized around three olive trees. They become “important”. The house becomes the canvas for the promotion of the natural.
The complex is comprised of three volumes; the main house, with the kitchen, the living room and 3 master bedrooms, escalates towards the south, a 2nd volume with a guest room and a 3rd with a mezzanine for the family’s children and their friends, escalate towards east. At the junction a bbq space under a pergola is created, the heart of the house.
The house is bioclimatic. The water from the terraces is gathered, filtered and reused. All spaces are naturally cross ventilated. The new stone walls are constructed with same dry manner, without mortar, as the old, the stones coming from the excavation.
The smooth system of the old walls, which lay like threads, is getting striated at the area of the intervention. Rectangular courtyards, stages for everyday life are created, a patchwork “weaving within nature”.