The project aims to create a small settlement of seven villas in the picturesque area of Kampos, located on the island of Paros in the Cyclades. Designed as a modern interpretation of traditional Cycladic architecture, the development offers a unique blend of contemporary living and authentic island charm. With a focus on individuality and privacy, each villa is designed to provide ample outdoor spaces and stunning views of the neighboring Antiparos Island.

Villa Design and Layout:

Each villa is a two-story structure boasting 4 to 5 master bedrooms, allowing for comfortable and spacious living. The architectural concept revolves around avoiding repetitive forms and shapes, creating a diverse and visually captivating settlement. By utilizing a modern Cycladic idiom, the villas embrace elements from the local architecture while offering a contemporary touch.

Outdoor Amenities:

To enhance the residents’ outdoor experience, each villa comes equipped with a private swimming pool, pergolas, and BBQ areas. These features serve as focal points for relaxation, leisure, and social gatherings during the summer months. With the villas’ strategic orientation and layout, privacy is ensured without compromising the spectacular views of Antiparos Island.

Individual Identity:

One of the distinguishing aspects of the development is the creation of individual identities for each villa. By using a variety of architectural forms, shapes, and orientations, every house stands out and offers a unique living experience. This approach contributes to a sense of diversity within the settlement, ensuring that no two homes are alike.

Exterior Spaces and Sea Views:

The project places great emphasis on exterior living spaces, recognizing the importance of summer life in the Cyclades. The terraces of each villa provide ample room for outdoor activities, soaking up the sun, or enjoying alfresco dining. With careful consideration given to the exterior access, all terraces offer unobstructed sea views, allowing residents to savor the beauty of the nearby Antiparos Island.

The development of seven villas in Kampos, Paros, showcases a harmonious blend of modern design and the Cycladic architectural heritage. The project proposes a unique settlement where diversity, individuality, and privacy are paramount. With its two-story height, multiple master bedrooms, swimming pools, pergolas, and BBQ areas, each villa is designed to offer a luxurious and comfortable living experience. The strategic orientation guarantees stunning sea views, ensuring an idyllic atmosphere for residents. By embracing a modern Cycladic idiom, this project represents a modern interpretation of traditional island living, providing an unforgettable experience for future homeowners.

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