“The tower” a house in Santa Maria


The property is situated in the North East part of the island facing Naxos. The existing hotel from the 90’s comprised of rooms with independent entrances all gathered in a massive dominating volume without internal coherence. All decorative elements are stripped out; cuts and additions reveal and promote the characteristics which are considered important: the breaking of the mass towards South East in contrast to the monolithic North West façade. Verticality is enhanced leading to the notion of “the tower”.
After the extensive repairs on the armature of the concrete elements the building of 350 m2, gets rapped with an exterior insulation to give a bioclimatic character. Its geometry is purified by creating sharp edges and minimal shapes.
A central core is created, a home. In the first floor, the walls among the rooms are being demolished to create a unified living; dinning and kitchen space. A new staircase connects this floor with ground floor where 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms lay. In the second floor three guest rooms are created gathering their independent entrances.
New French windows at the dining space reveal an extraordinary view to the sea. They connect the interior with an exterior lounge sitting on a deck. In the South West side of the house a concrete courtyard, a pool and a pergola are hosting outdoor living, barbeque, dining and lounge activities.
Concrete floors, brut wood surfaces, white mat breathable colors and thin black steal structures comprise the palette of the interior design. Stripped out of the obsolete the space radiates tranquility.