“The farm” house in Parikia


The property is situated in the East part of the port of Parikia, on the hillside, overlooking at the sea. The existing farmhouse has been developed over time based on the user’s needs. It comprises of one main volume, a guest independent house, the terrace room and the swimming pool located in the big courtyard. The old part with its curved forms hosts the kitchen, dining and a guestroom. The most recent part hosts the living room and the master bedroom.
Interior spaces recall the mysticism of a monastery, been rigidly surrounded by think stonewalls. The plasticity of the walls with the niches and vaults is enriched by the new “eye form” openings towards the sea view.
The house’s materiality and form refers to a unified Mediterranean culture, including glimpses of Morocco and Italy, memories of the past and the naivety of the Cycladic idiom.
Grey floors, textured wood surfaces, mat striated marble, white mat breathable colors and thin black steal structures comprise the palette of the interior design. Blue colored tiles where tailor made for the kitchen.
The lot is a green cell, with a collection of trees from the local fauna.