The building is part of the traditional settlement of Chora, in Patmos one of the Dodecanese islands. The Chora village is built around the fortified monastery, and the specific residence is part of the attached housing clusters.

It is a two storey residence of L shape with an enclosed court. There is a direct access from the street in the ground level and access to the back street from the first floor. The kitchen, dining and two bedrooms are located on the ground floor around the courtyard. The living space with the veranda and two small rooms are located on the upper floor.

The building is in relatively good condition. Due to its age there are some maintenance works that need to take place. These mainly concern some plumbing installation, wooden openings, limited plaster maintenance and some ceramic tiles work. The warned out tiles, are carefully replaced by similar. All materials are traditional. The rehabilitation work process, respected the residence’s traditional architecture.