PAROS_Εngraving | 2022


A wavelike succession – movement path through curved elements, highlights three houses, three life thriving centers.

The project consists of three stone-built residences in the Kremales area, in Paros island.

Two of the three houses are single storied, with a 62 m2 area each and the third is a two-story house of 108,74 m2.


The design is based on curved movement lines, that are inspired by the area’s topography.  Following the irregular curved shapes of the region’s plots of land, the design creates a system of variable height curved walls, that interact with the landscape while unifying all three houses. The building volumes are positioned in a linear arrangement, following the slight slope of the ground. Clear view towards the sea are secured for all three houses.

Exposed stone and white plaster are alternated in order to create a micro scale canvas of colors and different materials.


The two-story building with a common swimming pool are placed on the center of the plot. Each residence has its own parking space and its own yard. The surrounding landscape is planted with aromatic herbs and dry vegetation, following the curved movement lines and connecting the houses with their surrounding topos.