The plot is located in the Agios Sostis in Paros. A single-story house of 227 m2 is being designed. The residence is composed of various volumes as a single architectural ensemble.

The building evolves as a synthesis of multi-split volumes stepping down the hill, an element frequently observed in Cycladic architecture. All interior spaces have a unique view to the sea and “Portes” the famous rocks of the island. The volumes are designed in different heights, maintaining the human scale. A statement is made by choosing the white color for the building, openings and thin metal constructions which harmoniously discourses with the blue of the sky, the stone and the terracotta of the earth.

The building steps back leaving the landscape to penetrate its mass creating protected courtyards. Looking at the residence from above, the concept of a stepped synthesis in plan and in section becomes the key element of architecture. Our main purpose is to highlight the plasticity of the form through the design of a pristine white cubism.