PAROS SPIRAL | 2016 - 3

Award for the best realized project of the year from the Architectural Society of Greece

This summer house of 170 m2 is situated in Naousa, at the island of Paros. The house’s white volumes are structural and remain simple and cubic. They follow the voids and masses of the neighbor buildings, proliferating from the views to the sea. They evolve around the swimming pool and the interior “protected” courtyard, the microcosm of the house. Exterior space flows in a spiral way from the ground floor courtyard to the terrace on the top with a magnificent view to the sea and the town of Naousa. The house works in a twofold manner with its main facade on the street becoming a cinema screen during the night where the wind creates a mute choreography of the shadows of the plants projected, a perception of space through motion.