The site is located in the area of Taxiarchaki, in the west part of the island, offering views towards the main port.

The design proposal includes 4 independent holiday houses, which develop in a linear way and adjust to the landscape through a stepped system of courtyards, footpaths and ramps.

The use of inclined walls intensifies the plasticity of the forms, as a reference to similar vernacular buildings (monasteries). Limited openings are cut out of each volume, enhancing their tectonic nature and allowing framed views of the sea from the inside. The main design principles are bioclimatic. Horizontal and vertical transparency allows natural ventilation. Intermediate pathways separate the buildings from the northern rocky side of the site and act as a buffering system against condensation and freezing of the exterior surfaces.

References to a modern Cycladic architecture are apparent and traditional elements are transformed using a more contemporary language, while following the main principles of vernacular architecture such as: proportions, mass, façade aesthetics, courtyards, integration in the landscape. The cubistic synthesis springs to life through the bright natural light of the Cyclades that casts intense, ever changing shadows.