NAXOS_ tunic


Incorporation of the building volumes in the earth, following a series of stone axes – folds in the landscape and creating a synthesis of traces left.

The plot is situated outside the village of Vivlos, in Naxos island, Cyclades.

The design involves two houses, with areas of 165m2 and 87m2 respectively.

The plot’s elongated shape and grave inclination in particular areas, visually refers to an ancient tunic.

The volumes escalate following the landscape, the larger ones “hiding” in the “folds of the tunic”.

The larger house, consists of two volumes, one under the earth and one partially, whereas the smaller house is a 2 story volume situated on the natural ground.

Each house along with its courtyard, pergola and pool, follows an axis system, which creates a natural fan shape, protecting the courtyards from the north winds, while welcoming the light from the south and offering a sunset view towards the sea.

The water – pool surfaces, have both overflows towards the sea view, continuing visually the sea surface and allowing the water element to become a soft “fold” of the natural – built environment.