The lot is located in suburb that evolves from industrial to residential, in the outskirts of Athens. It is a two floor building that refers to the principles of the Destijl movement regarding abstraction in form, colors and materials. It’s composition of “containers, derives from the area’s industrial character.

The structure is metallic, cladded with light panels. It benefits from its construction system, since the realization time is short, it is earthquake proofed, well insulated, with volumetric plasticity. It follows the bioclimatic principles and uses alternative heating-cooling systems. It turns its back towards the north and opens with big glass doors to the south oriented garden. The roof opening allows the interior space to “breath” when warm.The ground floor is a free high ceiling space, where the living, kitchen and dining is located. The protagonist here is the fireplace and the metallic staircase. On the upper floors the views to Hymettus Mountain filters through the wooden louvers. The metallic structure extends outdoors with the pergola and the entrance canopy. On the upper floor the cantilevered metal volumes cast the shadows with its play. The industrial floor underlines the simplicity while the wooden louvers and deck relate to nature. The lower part of the building with its “ kourasanit” rough texture relates to the environment. The red door and the black canopy derive from Modrian’s paintings and underline the entrance.