This project refers to a single-story house of 280 μ2 in Kostos of Paros. The architectural composition is based on the concept of the “cross” and the different levels that shape the spaces of the residence.

The strict engravings of the stone walls which have a cruciform shape, define the functions of the house. The residence is divided into four parts and four different levels: the main entrance, the guest rooms, the common space (kitchen, living room) and the master bedroom. Result of this design is the union/intersection of the spaces at the intersection point of the stone walls. The interaction and communication between the walls and the spaces are what give character to the building.

Through this cruciform shape, the original single volume is broken up into smaller ones that intertwine with the landscape and are harmonized with the relief of the plot. The residence is placed in such way in order to provide heaps of view towards the sea and also to be protected from the wind. The residence embraces the water element of the pool which interacts with the natural elements of stone and planting and is placed at a different level regarding to the building-volumes.

The stone walls are projected as a continuation of the landscape. The building-volumes with the swimming pool are the “fluid” elements which shape the final form of the residence. Thus, an interaction between “fixed” (stone walls) and “fluid” elements (building-volumes) is created.

The main cause of the proposal is to create an architectural design that integrate into the site and brings people into direct communication with it.