KEFALARI earthy | 2016


The existing villa in Kefalari, a north suburb of Athens, is totally refurbished. The new design aims: to interweave interior and exterior spaces, to create fluid spaces on the ground level, to rearticulate the interior layout according to the user’s needs, to simplify the design items.

The ground level interior spaces where the living room and kitchen are positioned, are unified by means of demolishing existing walls. The spaces are restructured with fluidity, while the main entrance is placed in the center of the side elevation, to accommodate movement and space accessibility.

Wide ground floor openings create continuity with the exterior spaces, garden and swimming pool. In the interior space, a certain ambience is created, through multiple lighting scenarios.  False ceilings with hidden lighting sources, attempt to create a feeling of breaking the boundaries. On the first floor three bedrooms and three bathrooms are created. The attic becomes a guest room and the basement a multiuse space with home cinema.

Colors and textures are selected from an earthy palette to refer to the context. Warm grey tone “beton ciree” and grey oak wood is used on the simple forms of the fireplace and the bookcases of the living spaces.   Furniture is also in warm grey tones. Carpets in graffiti grey with tones of magenta create a darker base.

Natural oak with a mat finish is used for doors, cladding and floors. Bathrooms are organized with wooden furniture, mosaic tiles and “beton ciree”, all in relaxing earthy colors, contributing to the serene ambience of the space.