BRACHOS (ROCK) _ underground residence in Evia

A new residence typology has emerged in contemporary Greek architecture. This subterranean house in Karystos draws its inspiration from the Dragon caves, these mysterious structures coming from 6th century BC or even before that. The boundaries between natural and artificial are questioned in this architecture. Between the Structuralist dilemma Architecture or Nature this expression promotes a structure that is Architecture as well as Nature, giving sense to all these grey tones between two edge conditions. The house with a surface of 200 s.m. develops in one floor between a courtyard which hosts all the outdoor activities and has an amazing view to the Aegean Sea and an elongated back yard that works as a light well. The zigzag stone wall of the façade towards the sea draws its inspiration from the fracted form of a rock.

Year of study: 2020

Collaborator architect: Niovi Mazaraki