: Restoring the natural building canvas

The site is situated in Giarmides area, in the central part of Antiparos island.

Two existing stone houses, built at 2006, are being reconstructed, both with a panoramic east view to the sea.

The redesign is based on conserving the traditional character of the buildings while highlighting their fluid and mystical character.

The larger, one story house, resembles the island’s old farmhouses and is based on a prosthetic architectural logic. The house’s open common spaces, leak to alternating private bedroom spaces, gradually discovered through moving around.

On the contrary, the smaller two story house has a monolithic presence, similar to the old pigeon structures, defined by the vertical axis of movement through the spaces.

Stone walls with small intervals of white stucco, along with earth color paved courtyards create a sculptural unity, almost completely integrated with its surrounding natural mediterranean landscape.

The existing pool is reconstructed, to gain some length and have a waterfall overflow towards the view. Cladded with stone tiles similar with the paved courtyards, it looks like a natural carpet that dives into this water element, which meets the sea in the horizon.

All spaces, old and new, transmit the experience of living simply, close to nature and particularly under the vibrant light of the Cyclades.