Sculptural cubism in a summer house incorporated in the landscape that unfolds on both sides of a central axis, the water element/pool.

This project refers to a residence of 250 m2, in a 12 acres plot, located in the island of Alonnisos. The design aim, is to preserve and highlight the character of the site along with the countryside of Alonnisos in general.

The architectural design follows the long and narrow shape of the plot integrating the entire residence into the steep slope, semi underground. The building breaks down in a composition of volumes that intertwine with the landscape, through a series of stone walls that follow the natural topography of the terrain.

As a result, the volumes “open like a fan” towards the view and the sea.

The oblong pool is situated in an intermediate level and acts as a reflection surface for the two main buildings. It aims at creating the impression that the narrative of events above the pool are mirrored in the water and reflected in the bottom of it.

Being inspired by the dry stone terraces of the Mediterranean landscape, most of the flat roofs are planted, in order to “camouflage” a large part of the volumes, creating an architectural dialectic between building, nature and traditional morphology.